SCOPEMITT - Mossy Oak Break-up

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Size: 40+ Short

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+ Overview

Beartooth's innovative new ScopeMitt protects your optics when you need it most. No more removing cover while in the field. Simply flip up neoprene caps and take your shot. Heavy-duty construction provides the best protection from moisture and debris penetration.

+ Features
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 2.5mm rubber-backed neoprene
  • Flip-up neoprene caps
  • Easily access turrets without removing cover
  • Protects scope body, reduces glare, repels moisture
  • Easy to put on and take off, no need to remove scope to install
  • Stealth materials - no plastic or Velcro
    + Details

    Construction: Heavy-duty neoprene body and thread, reinforced seams

    Origin: USA Made

    + Sizing Chart
    Model Objective  Body Length
    40mm Short 38mm - 48mm 12" - 13.5"
    40mm Long 38mm - 48mm 13.5" - 15"
    50mm Short 49mm - 59mm 12" - 13.5"
    50mm Long 49mm - 59mm 13.5" - 15.5"