The hunting season has finally come full swing.  While us here at Beartooth Products have been busy as bees sewing up those premium StockGuards, ScopeMitts™, Two-Piece Kits and many other awesome gun accessories for hunters around the world to utilize, making their hunts more efficient, more camouflaged, and more comfortable, we have finally have a chance to get out on a hunt of our own and we couldn't be more excited!  This year is our first using the new "2.0" updates to a few of our products and we expect to have a great experience with them!  Our StockGuard, ScopeGuard, Recoil Pad Kit, and Comb Raising Kits now get updated to StockGuard 2.0, ScopeGuard 2.0, Recoil Pad Kit 2.0, and Comb Raising Kit 2.0. The 2.0 versions are improved from the first generation featuring better fit, construction, and materials. Tomorrow we will be taking the ScopeGuard 2.0 and a ScopeMitt™, on rifles both outfitted with our awesome Two-Piece Kit for optimal camo, full protection, and easy comfort on an elk hunt near our home-base in Bozeman, Montana. One rifle we have set up with Realtree™ Xtra camo pattern, and the other Mossy Oak® Break-Up for trusted camouflage in any condition. With the StockGuard included in the Two-Piece Kit, we'll have six extra rounds ready in the stock that keeps ammo from jangling around in your pocket for extra convenience. We can't wait to get out and try our new 2.0 versions of Beartooth Products! On a Montana hunt, anything can happen and knowing we are so well prepared with our ScopeGuard 2.0, ScopeMitt™, and Two-Piece Kits premium gun accessories, we know our chances for success are that much better with Beartooth!  Can't wait to share our experience with you!


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